Foreign companies in Poland

Due to the dynamically developing market in Poland, in both the military and civil sectors (military and police), an ever increasing number of companies from abroad strive to develop their business in the Polish market. Poland provides new challenges for foreign businesses alongside exciting opportunities. Customs regulations, political conditions, business and cultural differences in addition to language barriers are factors that need to be understood and addressed before starting a business in Poland. Acquiring this information is time-consuming and labour-intensive, especially for foreign entities not represented in Poland by experienced parties.


Ethics in Business, professionalism and effectiveness

MMC CONSULTING® LLC has been present on the Polish market since 1994, focusing its activity on working with consultants whose extensive experience in military CONSULTING, military sales, services to foreign defence industry companies and specialist translations. Due to this, working with MMC CONSULTING® s.c. leads to a significant reduction in the time of market analysis and access potential opportunities to introduce products or services to the Polish market. Our activities minimize the costs of business activity and maximize the chance of success on the Polish market.

As a result of our professionalism and effectiveness, MMC CONSULTING® s.c. has represented a number of international industry leaders in their field on the Polish market, such as American firms AM General LLC, Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation, Zodiac Arresting Systems /ESCO/, all trading in specialist products and services for military use.


Security, confidentiality and quality of our services

Partners of MMC CONSULTING® LLC and their associates, have the necessary security clearances, authorized by NATO and the EU at various levels, and translators are certified sworn translators. In addition, our company has attained a number of national and international certificates guaranteeing the highest quality of service, including:

1. Certificate of conformity of Internal Control Systems, following the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 norms.

2. Quality management systems certification, following the AQAP 2110:2016 norms.

3. Concession of the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration No. B-019/2011 and No. B-022/2011 for business activity in the sphere of military and police activity.

4. Certificate confirming having NATO Economic Entity Code No. 3008H.


Our services

MMC CONSULTING® LLC provides services for companies looking for strategic partners or wishing to develop their business on the Polish market. Our services include:

  • preparation of preliminary information, analysis, forecasts, business plans, and market reports for the Client in relation to the Polish defence market;
  • looking for Polish business partners;
  • technical consultancy;
  • preparing, assisting and representation of foreign clients in meetings with potential clients when foreign partners visit Poland;
  • representation of foreign defence companies in Poland;
  • intermediary services in military sales;
  • assistance in preparing bids for public tenders, leading marketing activities for clients on the Polish market;
  • organizing presentations, demonstrations and providing trade stand services at defence industry trade fairs;
  • organizing specialist training for units of the Polish Ministry of Defence;
  • translation of military technical documentation.

The following products and services are currently the pillar of our sales:

  • aircraft arresting systems, spare parts, components, connected services and training;
  • SMARTARREST® - hook/cable, computer controlled aircraft arresting system
  • PORTARREST P-IV® - mobile hook/cable aircraft arresting system
  • BAK-12TM / BAK-14TM – retracteable cable aircraft arresting system
  • net-hook cable aircraft arresting system
  • HMMWV – High Mobility Multipurpose Wheel Vehicles and spare parts and NX-360, Bastion, Gladiator, components, connected services and training;
  • Aircraft components and spare parts;
  • Aircraft ground equipment and spare parts; connected services and training;

Our clients past and present include among others:

  • AM General LLC – USA
  • ATK Alliant Techsystems – USA
  • AUTO-HIT Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • BAE Land Systems OMC – South Africa
  • BAE Systems Bofors AB – Sweden
  • BAE Systems Hagglunds AB – Sweden
  • BRUEL & KJAER POLSKA Sp. z o.o. - Poland
  • BUMAR Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • CUBIC Application – USA
  • Embassy of Canada in Warsaw
  • Embassy of the United States of America in Warsaw
  • Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation, Zodiac Arresting Systems /ESCO/ – USA
  • Ernst & Young Business Advisory Sp. z o.o. – Poland
  • General Ltd. Dynamics – USA
  • Israel Military Industries Ltd. – Israel
  • Lockheed Martin Radar & Sensor Systems – USA
  • Meggitt Defense Systems /FATS/CASWELL/ – USA
  • NOKIA Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • Plasan Sasa Composite Materials – Israel
  • QUMAK-SEKOM SA – Poland
  • Suzuki Motor Poland Sp. z o.o.
  • Sherwood Aviation - USA
  • Warsaw Police Headquarters - Poland

Invitation for Cooperation

If your company is searching for the opportunity to establish a new business or develop an existing company on the Polish market, MMC CONSULTING® LLC offers its services following the motto:


“The CONSULTING industry functions by providing the client with the necessary intellectual resources in order to achieve maximum market success of the project.”

Adres do korespondencji:

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